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Dr. Yingfei Wei is a world-class scientist and an experienced executive in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry. Dr. Wei served as the Chief Scientific Officer for 3SBio, Inc., where she helped lead the IPO for 3SBio which was the first NASDAQ-listed Chinese biopharmaceutical company. Prior to 3SBio, Dr. Wei served as Director of Cell and Analytical Biology of the Bayer Biotech Research Division. Earlier in her career, Dr. Wei was a principal scientist at Human Genome Sciences where she played a key role in discovery of the HPNCC gene for colorectal cancer, which was named as the Science “Molecule of the Year" in 1994. She completed her post-doctoral training at Harvard School of Public Health. Dr. Wei is actively involved in biopharmaceutical-related associations including CABS, CBA, and BayHelix. She is also an advocate and participant in developing programs for rural early-childhood education in rural China.